Nostra Pro – Play India’s Biggest Online Games | Best Fantasy Cricket App | Football World Cup

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Nostra Pro – Play India’s Biggest Online Games | Best Fantasy Cricket App | Football World Cup

This Nostra Pro app helps you predict answers for questions related to sports i.e cricket. Our Nostra Pro app guides you to answer the questions with appropriate power-ups. Get every day updates on cricket on our app. Every day new matches.

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This app is one of a kind we are the first app to provide predictions on sports quiz. We are no way related to NOSTRA PRO we just share our very own opinion on the questions provided by NOSTRA PRO. We no way support gambling in any form.

We try to provide appropriate answers its not necessary that every time you win but for most of the time you will win that we assure you. It solely depends on your luck and a bit of on our predictions.

You must be 18+ years old & not residing in Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, Nagaland and other prohibited states in order to Download & Play Nostra Pro.

If you want one install button in the landing page that serves both iOS and Android, uncomment the code below. The code identifies the operating system and returns the relevant direct link to Google Play or iTunes.

Nostra Pro – Play India’s Biggest Online Games

NOSTRA Logistics offers customers with gps tracking units to view real-time tracking information from their Android devices. You could see latest position and status of your assets, vehicles at any time, or from anywhere.

This application is developed by GlobeTech Co., Ltd. is one company of CDG Group, the greatest Thai IT companies. NOSTRA Logistics is powered by ‘ESRI ArcGIS API for Android’ with ‘NOSTRA Map’, the world’s best Thailand map.

If you are an existing NOSTRA Logistics customer, this application is an alternative way to view your tracking units position from Android devices. You can also view tracking information from our official NOSTRA Logistics website (

Nostra Pro Cricket App Features:

• Fully support Thai & English Language.
• Allow user to view tracking unit with the latest position, date time, location description, vehicle speed, vehicle direction, gps status and also other information of each tracking unit in Real-Time.
• Allow user to view tracking unit information like vehicle details, driver name.
• Allow user to view tracking information from either list view or map view.
• Allow user to determine which vehicle to be displayed on the map with real-time information.
• In Map View, when latest position is recognized in the server, the user can see the up-to-date position immediately. In case that the new position is out of the current map extent, the map extent can be automatically changed to display all of up-to-date positions within single map extent.
• Allow users to measure the distance between 2 locations.
• Allow user to search location.
• Allow user to create a route from a location to another location. User can pick the begin point or end point from vehicle position, location searching result, or either current user location.
• Allow user to change the map theme between ‘Street Map’, ‘Imagery Map’ and ‘Light Gray Map’.
• Allow user to find POI in ‘POI’ function.
• Allow user to add POI from following options.
– Your position
– Vehicle position
– Find location
– Select position on map

Nostra Pro FAQs:

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Referral Code - NIT28751

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