Knobby free – knob volume control – volume widget

 Knobby free – knob volume control – volume widget

Knoby free makes it easy to manage volume levels by gesture volume control. gesture control provides very convenient and easy way to handle different volume levels quickly from anywhere.

Knobby gives you the classy rotary controls to manage volumes available in android system. example: Ringer volume, system, notification, media, music or incall voice volume.

Knobby brings totally new look to your android smart phone with cool theme-able knob volume control. Volume control app with cool UI and many themes you will eagerly try.

Knobby free

Busted Volume buttons? Knobby to the Rescue!

Knobby app is savior for volume keys, using Knobby you can avoid pressing physical volume hardware keys every time.

◇ You do not need to close or exit the currently running app or game.
We highlights some features here:

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