5 Hidden Built-in Features of Windows 10, You Never Noticed

Features of Windows 10, 5 hidden built-in,you never know.

Features of Windows 10 are combined For these features additionally we installs extra software. I hope by this post you never do such type of mistakes.

Secret 1: Screenshot.

For taking Screenshot Press (windows + Print screen button), we generally have a snipping tool. But this snipping tool is a late process. Instead of all this by pressing the short cut key(windows print) screen button, this is an easy process.

Note: This method is useful for taking the entire screen as a snapshot.

Secret 2: Screen Recording in High Definition.

For this we don’t need to install any additional software.


  • Open your Xbox app and keep it run on the back ground
  • After Pressing the short cut key, A dialog box comes just click on yes this a game
  • after this capture bar opens
  • to start recording press (windows + Alt + R)
  • to stop recording press the same pattern ( windows+ Alt + R )
  • the video will be saved in the videos folder. file://c/users/captures/videos

Secret 3: Find app’s easily with Jump list.

Feeling difficult to scroll down, Jump list option will solve your problem PROCEDURE:

  • Press Windows symbol in keyboard.
  • again click on any alphabet Or number in the menu
  • Now you can easily find your new apps.

Secret 4: No need to type Password, Just login into windows with your face.

Here is the procedure to set up the face lock. Procedure:

  • go to settings
  • click on sign in options
  • set pin lock first
  • next click on face lock
  • click on agree
  • Next add a face or with your camera. I recommend you maximum use with your camera.

Secret 5: Microsoft Edge is The Fastest Browser -That’s why Microsoft implemented Microsoft edge in Windows 10 version. Let’s see the advantages in the below image.

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