Car Insurance in Dubai AXA and across the UAE – Why Go Through A Broker like Insurance Market

Car Insurance in Dubai AXA Car Insurance in Dubai and across the UAE

Car Insurance in Dubai AXA

Arsalan N.: A broker firm is like many options under one roof. I think that is the

(APPWep-main) important thing. You’ll get different options from different companies and you find

the best one for you. Mark L.: Local, multinational, all the specific

covers you have, we can provide it to you. Shalini B.: It’s always better to buy your

insurance from a broker rather than going direct or going to a bank or to very similar

mechanisms, simply because brokers are here for a reason. They have done their research, APPWep

Car Insurance in Dubai AXA and across the UAE

they work with several insurance companies that they can give you various options. If

you go direct then you are bound to buy that product. If you’re also going direct then

you’ll have to approach several insurance companies to compare it by yourself which

is extra work for you, whilst a broker can give you various options.

Seema M.: And then we know what vehicle we have to insure. We know which insurance company

will give them a better rate, better security all that really matters. So, it’s the price,

it’s the service if it is the insurance company, all these matters a lot. And what coverage

is there in that particular insurance. So that’s the reason they should come through

us because we will see to it that we give them the most competitive rate with good

coverage. Avinash B.: When you buy directly from an

insurance company, you are one of several thousand clients for them and their objective

is to charge you the most possible money and give you the least possible benefits because

this eventually leads on to profit for them. It’s different for a broker, we are independent

and our objective is to retain you as a client over the long term, regardless of which insurance

company you buy from. So, our objective, on the other hand, is to make sure that we give

you the maximum possible benefits because, at the end of the day, it is going to be the

same people, it’s going to be us who have to help you out at the time of a claim.

Mark L.: Buying insurance from a bank, through a bank or from a showroom, it’s like

you are dealing with or buying it directly from an insurance company.

Car Insurance in Dubai  AXA and across the UAE

Seema M.: Banks, again, usually give insurance when you finance a car. When you finance a

car with the bank, they have the insurance built-in, you know. So it becomes very easy

for the customer to take in insurance from the bank itself. But still, they have one

product, whereas brokers have a lot of products which the client can choose as well.

Avinash B.: If you’re buying your car insurance from a bank or a car dealer, you are not buying

it from an insurance professional. All they want to do is sell you something and make

a quick buck out of it. They do not have any sort of infrastructure to serve you in the

time of a claim afterward nor do they have any intentions to train their people to sell

the products appropriately and let you know about all the details about the policies.

Fayaz K.: Not necessary that you will get the best rates from them because it’s compulsive.

They can always play around with your rates and more of the services are under question,

whereas a broker who’s always with you from the time of the inception of the cover ’til

in case of unfortunate event of a claim or ’til the expiry of the policy or renewal,

properly followed, everything should be there, which the dealership agent cannot guarantee

or service. Arsalan N.: Plus, the broker firm’s like if

you have insurance, the insurance market. ae they have a claim service, [inau

dible 4:10] like

claim service which you won’t find with the insurance companies.

Car Insurance in Dubai  AXA and across the UAE

Fayaz K.: If there is a case of claim because of the volume of business we present to them,

insurance companies, they take it seriously, more seriously than a person who’s making individual insurance. Because of the volume of business and we have a dedicated claims

team also which will help them to get the car service or repair done at the earliest.

So, the customer gets peace of mind because he has a consultant who will protect him against

any misrepresentation. Second thing, he has somebody who will walk through the claims

and he gets a better service at the time of issuance of the policy, and guidance. So,

the customer is in a bit of rest when he goes to the broker.

Mark L.: Compare the prices. So, with the insurance market. ae you will be having the most competitive insurance

quotations as per the market because with the insurance market. ae, we have Reputated insurance

companies that are giving very good rates. So I will rest assure you guys that if you

go to the insurance market. ae, you will be having the best value quote or insurance for your

market. Seema M.: We do give better rates than the

insurance company itself. The reason is that we give them up a big portfolio of business.

Fayaz K.: So, our purchasing power is so huge, that other insurance companies give them special

rates and special features and special services. Avinash B.: Certainly it is going to be cheaper

to buy from us than to buy from the insurance company directly, or even a bank, or a car

dealer. But, what is more, important is that when you buy from us you have a commitment

to claim service. Rushani P.: At the time of a claim also, you

can get a very good service through a broker company and I think it’s really good to go

through a broker company. Fayaz K.: The actual value of an insurance

company comes into play when there is a claim or when there’s assistance required, that

is when these things come into play. If you are with a proper provider, proper agent or

consultant you have, they will go through the entire process of a claim with you, help

you out. If there’s any problem you are facing in the policy, that also will be sorted out

when you’re with a broker but when you’re an individual, in the insurance companies

you will have a tough time dealing with your claims.

Avinash B.: We need to be there for you for the twelve or thirteen months of insurance

cover. You should be able to give us a call like any time when you are in real need and

we should be there to help you. And if it is a slightly unusual claim or it is a catastrophic

claim, God forbid, we should be representing you in front of the insurance company to have

your claim paid as soon as possible. This is our job.

Shalini B.: I think you’ll save a lot of time. You also save money because you can see what’s

available in the market, and it’s just convenient. So you’d rather go with a broker than anybody

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