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MPL – Mobile Premier League APP our Favorite Skill-Based Game in One App

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MPL – Mobile Premier League APP– So, you wanted to play lots of mobile games but downloading so many game apps takes its toll on your device. If this is your dilemma, then this app is perfect for you. Mobile Premier League (MPL) is India’s biggest mobile gaming platform. This software features various skill-based games letting you play to your heart’s content. But that’s not all. You can also win real cash as you play. 

Your Mobile Game Source

Mobile Premier League is considered to be the biggest gaming application in India based on the number of unity games it offers. It offers some of the most popular games in one application. You don’t need to download every game into your mobile device. With this app, you can relive your childhood with some of the classic games such as Carrom and Bloxmash. Play against other players and get as many coins as possible. 

If you want to play a  game of 8-ball, Mobile Premier League also has a pool game available for you. This pool game allows you to play against other players, so you can enjoy a bit of competition while you hone your skills. In addition to a pool game, you can also play other sports games such as Run Out. This game will test your abilities as a true crickets fan as you try to get the batsman run out by throwing hard balls. Just make sure that you hit the wickets before he gets into the crease.

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Mobile Premier League also offers arcade games including Bubble Shooter, Fruit Chop, and Fruit Dart. The app promises to constantly update their game arsenal to give fresh offerings, all the time. 

Play to Win

Mobile Premier League gives every player a way to play multiple games without the need to download so many game apps. But that’s not the only thing that the app offers. It also lets you win instant cash by playing the games. 

The app gives you a chance to win real cash every time you compete. Players can earn big cash by winning tournaments and battles. All earnings can be directly withdrawn to your bank account. You can also transfer them through PayTM or UPI. Mobile Premier League also lets you earn rewards by inviting your family and friends to play.

In addition to games and a chance to earn real money, Mobile Premier League also lets you chat with other users. The app has its own messaging feature to help you connect with other players and be a part of India’s growing gaming community

Play, Win and Make Friends

Mobile Premier League is a great app to have if you are looking for a Brand new playing experience. The app offers more than ten gamers that you can play whenever and wherever without downloading them to your mobile device. More so, it lets you earn real cash as a reward for your skills. And with an added messaging app, you can connect with other players like you. So, if you want to play, earn, and make friends, this app is for you. 

MPL – Mobile Premier League APP –


  • Easy to Play Games
  • Competitive Tournaments
  • Lets You Earn Real Cash
  • Messaging Function Connects You to Other Players


  • Limited Game Offering
  • The Games Are Not for Hardcore Gamers
  • Unresponsive Customer Care
  • Some Bug Problems

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MPL – Mobile Premier League APP FAQs

1. How do I download MPL?

How to Install the MPL App
  1. STEP-1: Tap “OK” to complete the download. The MPL App is 100% safe & secure.
  2. STEP-2: Wait for the Download to finish.
  3. STEP-3: Open Settings and Turn on Unkown Sources to Install the MPL App.

2. How does MPL app make money?

Apps like MPL makes money in different ways. They sell user data. They sell user behaviour analytics to companies. The user behaviour over a session of a game can be used as a collected data set to feed advanced Machine Learning algorithms to perform numerous other tasks.

3. How do I get my bonus cash from MPL?

BONUS CASH is the Cash that you earn by referring your friends to MPL, from the Daily Spin Wheel and other such places!

  1. Open MPL pro app.
  2. Go to Token tab on the top left hand side.
  3. Click on Enter Coupon to get Free token.
  4. Enter Coupon Code Z6V2PN.

4. What is MPL game?

Mobile Premier League (MPL) Mobile Premier League(MPL) is a skill based E-Sports platform where you can play your favourite mobile games and win real cash always.

5. What is the best money making app?

The 9 Best Money-Making Apps of 2020

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